Ordered eggs seller offers live chicks?


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
I won an ebay bid on 6+ black copper marans the seller contacts me today and asks if i want her to ship eggs or live babies. Is this normal? all her feedback is great about no broken eggs and great hatch rate. I would love live birds but is that normal for a breeder to offer that?
That is sort of unusual. I'd ask if she's shipped live chicks before? My first reaction is a live bird is better than an egg. However, my second thought is if it seems to good to be true......
Selling live birds is not permitted on eBay, she could be looking to do this "unofficialy" or, she could have hatched out extras and decided to offer you live birds instead.
I'd sure take in to consideration, how far these chicks/eggs would be shipped, the temperature, and whether or not she is sending extras, incase of death or breakage. With shipped eggs, I get about a 50% hatch rate... sometimes less. You might keep that into consideration also. Would she be shipping day old chicks??
I agree!...seems to good to be true. Since selling live birds isn't allowed on ebay you might have no recourse if the chicks don't survive the trip. I'd ask her why she wants to do it this way.
You guys are all making me nervous that i might be getting the wool pulled over my eyes now i'm worried. I would love chicks its 6+ she said she would ship 8 eggs or 8 birds
I have a woman that I purchase call duck eggs from. I can also purchase live call ducks from her. She can't advertise live call ducks on ebay but she does offer me the choice of either when I win a bid. Because she lives so close I almost always take the ducks.


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