Ordered Shetlands today ....


14 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
Times awasting-- too much pressure with breeding season upon us:eek: and I just couldn't decide what geese to order, I had wanted American Buffs, for preservation and showing . But when I found out Holderreads didn't have them, I started looking. But couldn't find any of certain quality
(Seems they all live on the west coast, or up north) I thought about Sandhill or Metzger, but Metzger won't have the Holderread birds line available this year... Sandhill I just couldn't decide about, no pics and there, and found mixed reviews here (mostly chicken people)--- I did hear some good things from duck people, so I did just order some ducks from them (runners and Hookbills).
Then I thought about Pomerianians, but read mixed reviews of their temperments.
I wanted to have some birds on the ABLC critical list after joining
.... I also liked the colored Sebies... but I'd also like to try showing.... so that limits my breeds...then I prefer Nonwhite birds or mostly ... keep the feather blowing clandestine by darker colors:plbb onto neighbors yards. Then I saw the Shetlands and mini -geese....
So finally realising "times-awasting" I decided to order from Holderreads, the Shetlands for sure (5) noting they were good mothers (maybe brood some runners too...hhhmmmm
and I was going to get some Pomerianians, but saw they had added a note , that they were probably out of hatch for the year for them... (that wasn't here yesterday).... I did drool over the Super Africans too...
thinking I could show, but what if they are too noisy....
decision, decisions...
Going to have a full garage :weeeas I have 3 duck orders out; Holderreads 2- Penciled runners and hookbills and Saxonys and silkies (2nd try for them).) and one to Sandhill for Grey Runners and hookbills and penciled. Going to have one full garage of brooding birds. Getting to work on more pens, and new geese quarters for the Tufted Buffs.
Haven't mentioned it to hubby yet, well not that there are 4 orders out there ....
small orders... Have plenty of grass for the geese and tons of bugs, flies, grasshoppers etc. (farm country)....
Good for you! I have a pair of Shetlands and 6 Sebastopol. The Shetlands are not as big and they seem to be more graceful. I want to order some from Holderreads' as well. I am thinking Lavender.
No, they are from Shetland Islands near/part of Scotland...... But they are dimorphic (sp) ,males are mostly white with blue eyes,females are white and gray often with saddles similiar to pomerianians or may have more gray like Pilgrim. Can be sexed by color. Holderreads stock averaged 7-10 lbs. Their is a pic of a flock on Holderreads website. http://holderreadfarm.com/photogallery/shetland_page/shetland_page.htm

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