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    Hey everyone,

    I am going to order some chicks and had a couple questions. Hopefully you all can help me as I'm new to all this. I have a 12x12 coop already built and in the process of putting a 6x6 brooding box in my garage. I will also be adding 12x30 run to my coop this spring. I'm thinking about ordering about 26-30 chicks from Mcmurray hatchery. My first question is do I have enough room in the coop and in my brooder box for this many? Second question is if my garage gets down to 35/40 at night will the chicks be ok with just a 250w red heat lamp? Lastly I want to order kind of a mixed bag of chickens will they all get along ok? Here is a list of what I'm thinking:


    8. Welsummer
    11. DELAWARE

    I'm wanting to get 2 females of each. The Welsummers are straight run so may end up with a rooster or 2 if I order.

    My last question is if I pick up a couple more chicks at my local farm store that are with in a week of the same age would they be ok?

    Sorry for all the questions but thank you for all the help.
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    Your coop is large enough and that will be an excellent size run for them. As they get older ensure there is plenty of roosting space for all of them. Instead of brooding in garage hey not brood them in the coop? There are no other birds competing with them so you could save time and expense having them in the coop right away. Just ensure the heat lamp is double secured so there is no chance of fire.

    A week difference in chick size works well. When hatching in spring I'll brood chicks for 3 weeks and put out in grow pen with 6 week old birds and it takes them a few weeks to integrate but there is no problems as long as they've a separate food and water dish when that difference of size is in play.
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    if you go by chicken stats your coop can hold 36 max...however i wouldn't go to max capacity remember entering it, roosting space, nesting boxes all that takes room away from the space..brooder space honestly i am unsure, i used cloroplast and when i noticed they needed more room i added onto the box my box is pretty big right now at least a 6 x8 and i have 17 in it. I have not finished my run yet so i cannot let them outside until i complete that because of predators.

    Make sure to tweek your heat in the garage honestly they should be fine as long as you keep them away from the garage door drafts..your lamp might have to be lower than one would have inside a house to keep a part of the brooder warm. I kept my chicks the 1st day in my business office which is solid block building with zero heat i use propane tank heater to heat it my heat lamp was low to keep the temp between 90-95 in a cardboard box..when i took them home that evening that lamp was significantly suspended higher up then what i had in my office. I would put a thermometer in the corner of the box on the floor and let the heat lamp go and tweet its height to get the desired temp. if your hanging it make sure u suspend it with a second harness just in case. The nut on my heat lamps bracket worked itself loose a couple times and the attachment would wiggle it never fell but that wing nut just does not stay tight.

    This is just my thought were ever u get ur chick from get them all there..that way you limit disease and exposure to parasites. I noticed tractor supply taking new chicks and dumping them with older chicks they did not sell and those chicks seem to be okay i know they were from different hatchery's . however, I am kinda against that. I got a roo so i could hatch eggs from my flock that i know is healthy without bringing outside chicks in and risking my established flock. again thats just my opinion and what makes me more comfortable others might have a different take.

    I did get ducklings from tractor supply because i am not ordering 15 ducks min i just wanted a couple but i am not cooping them with my chickens and they are completely isolated from my chicks now. I plan on letting them use the same run as my chickens but they are much younger then my chicks by about 5 weeks so by the time they get feathered and outside their 30 day isolation period will be up.

    have fun with your news ones and welcome
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    That’s a really nice sized coop and should work well as long as they have access to the outside most of the time. Think how your weather has been lately and if they will be able to get outside most of the time. That run is about the same size as mine and I have a lot of trouble envisioning that many adult chickens in it. I have a lot of extra area inside electric netting so mine are not that crowded unless I lock them in the coop and run, which I do occasionally but not for that long. Sometimes I have that many, but when I do most are juveniles that take up a lot less space. I think you are pushing it with a run that size for that many chickens. One of the downsides is not just their potential for behavioral problems but they are pooping in a concentrated area. You might wind up doing a lot of poop management in that run. You may want to follow the link in my signature below to get my thoughts on room for them.

    I don’t see any problems at all with your breed selections. It will make a real interesting flock. If they grow up together and have sufficient room should get along well. Each chicken is an individual so it is possible you’ll get a bad actor, but that can happen with any chicken with any breed.

    Integration can be tricky. A lot of people have no trouble at all in mixing different aged chicks like that, but occasionally there is a disaster. There can be disasters even if they are exactly the same age. It comes with them being individuals. Living animals just don’t come with guarantees on how they will behave.

    I’d get them all from the same place at the same time. The chicks straight from the hatchery should not be at any risk for disease. The ones from your farm store should not either if they are coming from a major hatchery, but they have been exposed to people and the potential for disease is present. It is not very likely but always possible. Due to the potential integration problems (however small) and the disease potential (again very small) I just don’t see the benefit in picking any more up from the local feed store unless you have a compelling reason.

    Good luck and welcome to the adventure.
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    Oct 24, 2014
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    Thanks everyone! I would have brooded the new chicks in the coop but I have to get a wire ran to it once all the snow melts off and the frost is out of the ground. With no wire I can not give the chicks any heat. After reading everyone's reply's I think I will make my run bigger. I want them to have plenty of room. speaking of runs... would regular chicken wire be ok for the top/roof? I'm going to use 1/2 hardware cloth for the first 4 feet of the walls then chicken wire from there up. would this offer enough protection? I will also burry the hardware cloth about a foot in the ground.

    As far as heat I could add a second red bulb heater if needed. I have decided to stick with the ones on my list for this year and get them all from the same place. Thanks everyone.

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