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    May 27, 2009
    Having responded ad hoc to several ordinance questions, I think it would be very valuable if we could put together a list of communities that allow chickens along with links to their ordinances. Whether or not to allow chicks in the city, and under what conditions, is a strictly policy call so if a list could be brought out of everywhere else that has done it, along with their track record of problems, that would probably do the most good to convince local officials. What they are usually worried about is managing all sorts of complaints and dealing with problems.

    Subdivision restrictions are another matter. If you are going to move into a gated subdivision, you are buying into a certain lifestyle (a very screwed up one if you ask me). If you don't want to live that kind of a life, you should move out. On the other hand, some non gated subdivisions that are attached to city streets often will not have functioning associations after the place is built out so you may be able to do something there.

    As I have mentioned on other posts, I am an attorney and former planning commissioner and recent chicken owner.

    I would suggest that people can post the favorable ordinances that they know about here.
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    Since it is your initiative and not mine and I can be kind of crabby at times, I'll mention that Fayetteville, Arkansas allows chickens. You may want to look them up.

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