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    Jun 23, 2015
    Hi guys, so I have been going back and forth and around again on what type of poultry I would be best off getting for my orchard. I have chickens (that I love, but they are not free range due to the hawks, was thinking either something a lil bigger or less destructive than the chickens to free range the orchard and maybeeeee I can put into a secure fenced in with covered garden.

    For the fenced in garden I was thinking either guinea hens ( 3-5 in a 1/4 acre) or maybe....call or runner ducks (drakes 2-3). I was thinking for the rest of the orchard and 5 acres of pasture and small wooded area, either a few turkeys, or geese to keep down bugs and if I go the goose route keep down some of the greens. (in the grand plan I will have a couple of wether goats out there when I can get fencing up).

    I am trying to think what would be best for the area (temp, rain) . I have had ducks and geese before but never guineas or turkeys. I don't really want to get ducks again, due to the smell and holes they like to make. Tho the runners I had were not as bad as the Swedish, and I have never had calls, but they are small...so smaller holes? lol.

    I was curious what people out here favor for pest and weed control and why. I am new to this part of the country and would like to hear what works for you guys.


    (for now free range bug control is handled by the extra rooster..but he does go to the coop at night, and no way Imma letting him in the garden lol).

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