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    Jul 7, 2008
    I think it goes without saying that a bird raised as "free range, organically fed" will eat bugs that aren't "organic". But what about those who supplement organic feed with home raised bugs? How can one grow bugs that meet the requirements for organic diets? I'm thinking of getting a BSF raising system, mealworm farm or a "maggot bucket", if that helps.
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    Probably feed them organic chicken feed or organic foods and they'd be organic.
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    Organic feeding includes "forage" which they consume, and if you are raising organic birds your pasture must also be certified organic. So the order you go is get your pastures certified, and therefore any insects living on it will also be considered organic. The 2nd step then is to get your meat production certified.

    Now, you raise a bit of a caveat, you plan to introduce meal worms. As far as I know, there are no organic sources for meal worms. So you would document that (and prove you contacted at least 3 sources of meal worms) in which case you can use traditional meal worms.

    It's similar to salt. There is no organic salt, and all salt is organic. So, it does not need to be certified, since it already is.... same with culinary herbs and mushrooms, too.

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