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    Feb 7, 2012
    Does anybody have an online source for organic chick starter that is cheap? My eggs will be hatching in about five days, and the co-ops and feed stores in my area don't carry anything organic. I guess no sites have free shipping for a 50-pound bag?

    Thank you!
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    Define cheap? The one I use is Highland Naturals, it's $18.75 plus $1.85 to get it here per bag. We have a local network of chicken keepers and we order about 1700 pounds thus far direct from the mill. We don't get a discount until we reach 5,000 pounds. We split the delivery cost down to per bag cost.

    See if you have a yahoo group locally for chicken keepers and maybe they have a buying group like ours does. Or go through the makers and see what retailers carry it close to you.

    Haven't seen a site yet with free shipping.

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