Organic Chicken feed in New Jersey......or online with delivery?


8 Years
Apr 2, 2013
I was wondering where people purchased their organic feed from and what they are paying for it? Does anybody know of any places that sells organic feed in the Southern New Jersey/PA/Deleware areas?
Nature's Best Organic is available in TSC & Southern States stores. It is $24.99/layer & $26.99 for Starter 40 lb. bags at TSC. TSC also carries Purina Organic , but that is in 35 lb. bags & is more expensive then Nature's Best right now. It is cheaper at my local feed store, so check around. Organic Unlimited is in Atglen, Chester County PA & has a list of distributors on their website. They have soy & no soy feed available. McGeary is in Lancaster I believe & I'm not sure where their food can be found. Their is a local guy here in Oley, PA Panorama Organics that sells soy & no soy feed which is very good, however it is mash only. Not sure how close any of this is to you, but hope this helps. Nature's Best is coming out with No Soy Layer pellets sometime this summer if that interests you.
I guess Natures best will have to do for now. The other options are pretty far away and all seem to be from 35-45 dollars for 50 pounds. Id love to find something in the 20-25 dollar range for 50 lbs. Thanks for your information. Its always good to have options.

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