Organic Feed Co-op in So.Cal. Orange County


9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Hey there!

There is a small group of us that have started a co-op here in Orange County, CA. We purchase soy-free organic feed about every 2 months. If anyone is interested in joining our co-op, please shoot me an email for more information. We just placed an order this week, so we will not need to place another order until around March; but it would be great to get everyone's contact information for the next one!

Birds of a feather...!
Hey, I am interested. Please let me know what the trade off is. I have wanted to have chickens for several years and my husband has put his foot down on the idea. This seems like the next best thing.

Our Co-Op is no longer ordering from this source, as the cost of shipping kept increasing.

We now purchase our feed from The Feed Barn in Costa Mesa. They carry Scratch-N-Peck which is Non-GMO/Soy Free/Organic layer feed, starter/grower feed, and scratch with or without corn.

Best to y'all!
I would be very interested I have 6 , 6 week old chickens and my son in law have 3 so we would be buying a good amount. Thanks

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