Organic folks - has anyone used Neem Oil to treat lice/mites?

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Sorry to post again, but I just found this study below as well as this thread and wondered:

    a) how much Neem Oil to use and how to apply
    b) how many treatments were needed
    c) if the eggs can be eaten
    d) if anyone has ever tried this

    (I don't want to use Sevin Dust or DE on my hen)


    Azadirachtin-impregnated traps for the control of Dermanyssus gallinae

    The effect of neem oil (azadirachtin), originating from the tree Azadirachta indica, was investigated as a potential compound to control the poultry red mite, Dermanyssus gallinae. In vitro tests were performed to determine the most appropriate formulation of neem extracts and concentration of the substance to be used. Cardboard traps containing 20% neem oil were placed at the mites’ aggregation sites, out of reach of the hens, in a floor system for layers containing approximately 2400 birds. Treated traps were replaced every week for 4 weeks. Throughout the study, the parasite population was monitored by collections of mites with untreated plastic traps. A 92% reduction of D. gallinae was recorded.

    Article Outline
    1. Introduction
    2. Materials and methods
    2.1. In vitro test I, acaricidal effect of neem on D. gallinae (Ivt1)
    2.2. In vitro test 2, determination of neem concentration (Ivt2)
    2.3. Experimental sites and animals
    2.4. Impregnated traps and monitoring traps
    2.5. Statistical methods
    3. Results
    3.1. Acaricidal effects of neem on D. gallinae (Ivt1)
    3.2. Determination of neem concentration (Ivt2)
    3.3. Reduction of mites under field conditions
    4. Discussion
    References … 108e7fc8e7

    Here's the other thread:
  2. Catalina

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    Jul 19, 2007
    I use neem oil in my garden.

    I've heard of it being used to treat malaria in Africa. So, I don't know?

    Who wants an experiment?

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