Organic/Gmo Free feed in NW Florida?


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Apr 26, 2008
I am in Escambia County, FL and have tried in vain to find a retailer that sells organic poultry feed that is GMO free. I have a couple of leads maybe on places that will order it or possibly even a feed producer that would make it - IF there were enough people interested to make it worthwhile. As I have called around several feedstore clerks have mentioned that I am not the only one calling and asking however I do not know but one or two other interested flock owners. If enough of us could get together I think we could convince a retailer at the very least to stock an organic brand.

So is anyone else out there in the region that is wanting to find poultry feed for layers or broilers that is gmo free and/or organic. Are you willing to pay the extra cost involved within reasonable limits?

Obviously, the more people interested the more likely we can secure a source and the less the cost will be.

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Count me in!!!

Earth Pets in Gainesville carries organic feed. They carry chick starter (non-medicated), grower and layer.

I tried to use it this summer, but even though it was fresh (there is a date stamped on the bag) it molded in the feeders and bag within a few days. I know that it was humid, but the Purina flock raiser didn't mold. At $30ish per bag...and I had to throw out half of two bags....I just couldn't see it. They do have an open container and you can scoop up as much as you want, but I just couldn't justify driving there twice a week to pick up feed so it wouldn't mold.

Honestly, the other issues was that although the birds seemed to like it ok, they were losing weight and my egg production dropped off. So I put them on Purina Flockraiser with supplements and they are doing great now...other than molting like all get out!!
I use Earth Pets Organic out of gainesville, FL too. I haven't have any issues with my feed molding or spoiling.

I would love to reduce my feed cost, but haven't a clue to how to get it lower than approx, $33 per 50-lb bag. If I could, without having to purchase in large bulk amounts I would do it in a heartbeat.

Post back or PM with updates/suggestions for raising organic chickens in central florida.

And as for your chickens losing weight and egg production dropping off: that DEFINITELY is not the case with me. My cornish crosses are like MEAT GRENADES!!!! they were raised strictly on Organic 19% starter/grower and my wifes egger's lay at least 5 eggs per week, per bird, if not more on the 16% layer mix...

I couldn't be happier with the feed.
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33 a bag sounds like an aweful lot

could feed whole organic grain cheaper

i pay 16$ for a 40lb bag here in CA
$33 IS for organic whole grain feed. Its shipped in from VA to the store in Gainesville. I have looked EVERYWHERE for organic feed producers, but can't find anyone close enough for me to order from to beat my current rate of $33...

Unfortunately, the organic livestock feed movement hasn't gotten big enough here, yet.

Maybe one day!
I'm in Pensacola and have been ordering organic, soy-free, corn-free feed from a mill in Washington State <>. It costs an arm and a leg but it's wonderful. It smells and tastes like real food. I've just put in my first order for feed from Countryside Organics in Virginia <>. It's a bit more affordable, but it's still expensive to ship, and it contains corn. Shipping costs from Countrside Organics drop as quantities increase, so perhaps we could form a Pensacola buying co-op and order a large quantity from them. There is also a local feed mill in the north end of Escambia County that processed its first batch of feed made from local organic corn earlier this year. We could offer to buy shares of the next batch to make sure the mill keeps producing it. If anyone's interested in either of these options, let me know. We are just at the tipping point here in NW Florida: we'll soon have better access to higher-quality feeds, as long as we continue to buy them!
Greetings everyone,
If anyone in NW Florida (Pensacola area) or Panhandle (Mobile area) is interested, we are ordering and carrying the Countryside Organics line of feed. We coordinate people's order via email and then once we have enough to fill a pallet we order and folks can pick up their bags in about a week. Prices vary depending on what you want but for this past order a 50 lbs bag of soy-free layer was $30 and for grower or starter it was $32. We can mix and match bags so if you want to order for other livestock (eg goats) or pellets or wheat etc you can do that. Just visit to see what they offer. Please PM me and let me know a little about what you are interested in!
Gulf Breeze, FL

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