Organic Layer, Starter, and other grains in Northern Indiana

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    Apr 6, 2008
    Thought some might like this info. Honeyville Feed has 2 locations now, in Topeka and Wolcottville Indiana. They have some premixed feed, but it does contain soy. But they will also custom grind. We buy several organic whole grains, & flax, and grind our own here. What we can't get there we get at Jerry's organics in Middlebury Indiana. We add Organic Fertrell poultry nutri balancer & argonite from Jerry's. He also carries DE and walnut shell powder. Jerry's carries fertrell products, and other items, and he also has premix layer, starter and grower. They both carry redmond salt, and kelp. I add fish meal with naturox from Jerry's to my chick ration for added protein, but my chickens get whole curdled milk daily that adds to my total protein. Its an hour drive for us, but worth it as we are organic and can sell all the eggs we produce, which is 40 eggs aday right now from my 2 breeds.
    Hope someone finds this useful for their area.

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