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    I have a backyard flock. They mostly stay in their enclosed coop and run but I do allow them to run the backyard for a few hours twice a day. They only have a small area where they can get bugs from because someone laid brick in the backyard. So I give them feed, scratch and live meal worms from a colony we have started. I was under the impression my eggs are considered organic. Someone told me since I give them feed, my eggs are not organic, they just better quality. Even if my chickens get most of their feed from bugs and I give them a little feed, my eggs are not organic. There aren't many bugs in the winter so how do a free range flock lay organic eggs? I was thinking about selling my extra eggs but now there is a possibility I can't say they are organic.

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    Is the commercial feed you give them labeled as organic - if not then your flock is not organic . The designation has nothing to do with whether or not they are given commercial feed, but what commercial feed is given. Additionally, even if you are feeding organic commercial feed the flock is still not organic if they are being raised ranging in an area that is not being maintained organically or the flock is not being maintained organically (ie the use of chemical environmental treatments or the use of antibiotics/medications). Free range and organic are not the same thing.
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    I hope you are feeding a commercial diet free choice, and not limiting it. Mary

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