Organic Turkey Feed?

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    May 29, 2016
    I am new to caring for turkeys and will be getting some Narragansetts and some Blue Slates soon. I have really been researching what to feed them prior to getting them and i believe i am going to go with this starter i found on From everything i have read turkeys have to have a large amount of protein and i dont wanna do medicated because i would eventualky like to slaughter and eat these. Here is the link for the feed im gonna get... Has anyone ever fed this? Its organic, non-gmo, non-medicated and has 26% protein. I recently got chickens and have been feeding diatomaceous earth (food grade) and ACV (organic, non-pastuerized) and plan to feed these to my turkeys as well. Just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with this feed? Any downfalls to this feed that you, more experienced, people see to this feed that i dont see? Thank you in advance!
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    The downfall is the price.

    Depending on how long your growing them out prior to processing them, which the breeds your talking about takes about 6 months because the heritage breeds grow slower. You can actually feed them a organic chicken starter from a local feed store much cheaper. If your trying to process at 13 to 14 weeks old, then you will need a turkey starter feed. Not many organic turkey feeds around.

    We are in Michigan and we use feed made by Kalmbach.This is the same stuff they use in their organic, just not certified organic.

    For our poults we use:
    Our starter is $16.99 per 50#

    For our breeders we use:
    Our layer feed is $13.99 per 50#

    We have been breeding Bourbon Reds for 3 years and in May and June hatch around 50 poults a week. We only sell them for $6 each, so we sell out every hatch. We have always had good results with Kalmbach Feeds.

    Hope this helps.
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    May 20, 2015
    We use New Country Organics turkey feed.

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