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    Can someone explain to me, what makes chickens and eggs "Organic"? Is it the feed? if so, what feed qualifies as organic.
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    Certified organic is tough. Consult your state's local agricultural extension office. There's one in most every county.

    Certified organic involves the USDA. Those rules, regs, and guidelines are published and easily accessible on the web.

    Raising following organic principles means 100% organic feeds from 2nd day of life, ie, from when you get them. NO meds, nothing but organic feed, organic pastures that have not been sprayed for 3 years, etc. Organic is often one thing, certified organic is another.
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    All Fred's info is true plus,
    For certified organic, free ranging birds have to be on certified organic pasture, any building materials cannot be made from treated lumber. Lots of other things but those pop into my head at the moment.
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    The feed must be a certified organic feed. If they are free-ranging, the pasture must be certified--meaning it cannot have had chemicals of any kind used on it for a number of years. (I'm not sure what the exact time is) The birds cannot receive any medication, including vaccination and routine deworming, or antibiotics if they are sick. (not sure what organic farms are supposed to do with their sick animals if they cannot treat them?!) There can be no treated lumber used to build the housing facilities. I'm sure there is more if you are looking at getting into being actually certified. There's also fees and inspections from the government if you want to be able to legally use the name "organic" for your product. Calling your product organic when you do not have permission from the government to use that label is a pretty serious crime, you can get fined or jail time if you are caught and they decide to do something about it.

    If they aren't actually certified, just a chicken owner selling "organic" eggs, you'd have to ask the farmer what it means, because it could be anything. I know someone who sells their eggs as "organic free range", and they feed their birds on commercial layer pellets and cracked corn, and keep them in a small fenced pen (where they do use a chemical pesticide to kill ants) and locked in an overcrowded coop at night. While they fit the government description of free-range, they are nowhere near organic. [​IMG]
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    Quote:We either a) cull or b) treat and sell the bird to a non-organic keeper, or c) maintain a non-organic flock and sell their egg separately.
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    Quote:If that's what they're doing, they are violating the law in labeling their eggs "organic"

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