Ornery Fowl


Aug 2, 2019
This morning, when I went to get fresh water and feed, everyone was accounted for. By the time the water was put out... I had one juvenile guinea missing!

It was easy to listen and hear the familiar chirps coming from the woodline trees- and it was just as easy to see a little white blob on one of the higher branches.

I'd planned to get the guinea and return it to its flock after letting the hens out to free range- but as soon as the girls started out the gate, the little white guinea flocked from the tree, across the yard, and worked its way to Fred, Buffy, and Ester!

I was easily able to walk over and scoop the fella up and return him/her to the guinea flock, but by then, I had ANOTHER escapee! A little purple one was running back and forth on top of the roof! I watched until he (?) made his way back down to join the others, and then I returned to my daily tasks.

Looks like these little fellas are going to be ornery! And I wouldn't have it any other way!
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