Orpington on 18 eggs... Day 22

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    Feb 4, 2014
    Just wanted to give an update on our hen sitting on this huge pile of eggs. We have two new baby chicks so far, the first one must have hatched sometime in the night. Talk about exciting. You should see my kids crowding around the little chicken hospital trying to "see" the mama and the babies but there is not enough room for all the heads trying to peep in. The babies are buried well under mama right now. This is our family's first experience doing anything like this, and we are getting lots of great support from this website all along the way! Thank you.

    I am especially impressed by the amazing mama hen who has such natural instincts. So glad my family is experiencing this.

    We are trying to keep our hands off the babies but it is **so hard**!

    I'm trying to get this right, so based on others' posts, I'm planning on:
    --putting mama and chicks back in the big coop with the other hens and rooster sometime next week.
    --feeding chick starter feed to the babies and other hens okay to eat it, too.

    Just let me know if I should be doing differently! Many thanks!
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    Sep 28, 2013
    How fun! It must be SOO hard not to touch them! :D

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