Orpington with hard crop and opening and closing beak pretty consistantly

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    Mar 24, 2012
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    I have a 2 week old buff orpington that has been having issues for about a week. It began with a swollen crop and she was having trouble keeping things down her abdomen was hard and swollen and she was not pooping. She started pooping now and the abdomen has went way down. I am using medicated crumbles and adding electrolytes with vitamins to thier water. I added terimyacin to the water when this began. She has sense quit spitting up but now her crop gets so hard and swollen that she is opening and closing her beak almost in a gasping manner when you touch the crop it is hard and you can tell it bothers her. She was given metoclopromide for 24 hours and seemed to improve and the now is getting worse off of it. Is there something we can do to get her going again. I am quite attached to the little bugger and would do most anything. I have read probiotics, maybe mash instead of crumbles, olive oil, warm water etc... I dont want to overload her with home remedies but I want to save her.

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