Orthopedics for Chicks

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    I just had a real bad hatch, where 3 chicks had twisted toes and curled feet on both
    feet and the one with the worse feet also was splayed and could not stand. My father had to have emergency
    heart surgery out of town midway through incubation. The eggs were not turned during those 4
    days which I believe caused the problem. If you look online there are a few sites that will tell you how to make a chick boots to straighten out
    bent toes and feet with pipe cleaners, as well as hobbles to bring together splayed legs. I just wanted
    to say please try this technique. Pipe cleaners are about 90 cents a pack and other than that you need tape and scissors.
    I won't go into details of the process as there are already very good how to examples, but just want to
    say I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. All three chicks are up and walking around, the stronger ones
    were very mobile immediately after and the one I would not have believe could possibly walk without some kind of
    expert veterinary intervention is up and and walking day two. I'm sooo glad I tried making chick boots, it really works.

    I can add a few extra tips that I found helpful. Have a heating pad warmed and ready to set your chick on while working on him
    as it will be stressful and you don't want him chilled. I also dipped the weakest chicks bill in sugar water before starting. Wrap your chick
    in a small terry hand towel with their feet sticking out, and tape the sides. I would also pre-cut twenty small thin pieces of tape to have ready
    while working on attaching the boots and precut extra boots before starting as you want a nice fit. You won't use all the tape and boots
    but it is hard to guess what size tape and boots you need until you start working, though I found thinner strips of tape more useful.
    I switched tape after starting and found invisible tape not sticky enough to do the job but got excellent results with masking tape for packages.
    I also used black and dark brown pipe stems as I heard other colors like red might encourage pecking.
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    May 11, 2010
    [​IMG] Good Job!
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    Great job in such short notice. Bandaids work well for the sprattle-legs too. Vitamins water soluble. Medicated chick feed.
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