Oshawa, Ontario-Bird cages, guinea pig cage and accessories for sale

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    I have some bird cages for sale. All used, but washed. Many have a bit of rust on the bars.

    2 small hospital/transport cages. Rectangular, green tray/bottom with white wire. narrow bar spacing. $5 each

    1 barn style budgie cage, white with white tray. $15 1 Very Heavy gauge barn style with top that opens. Small door on front, 2 dishes that are removable from the outside. Narrow bar spacing. White tray/bottom. $25

    2 Tall brass rectangular bird cages, 2 big front doors, 1 small side door. brown bottoms.
    1 has narrow bars (finch/budgie), 1 has wide bars (cockatiel) $25 each.

    1 brass stand to hold one of the above cages. first come first served. free to whoever buys a matching cage first.

    1 Huge long rectangular breeder cage, brass bars, brown trays/bottom. 5 doors. 3 on front, 1 on each end. Hagen. narrow bar spacing. $50

    1 black wire cage, no bottom. make your own tray? Narrow bars, used to breed zebra finches. Has many doors including a big front door. Has a temporary coroplast bottom tray.$5

    Maybe more to come...cleaning out as I am not breeding finches any more.

    Also many used but clean dishes and perches swings and cuttlebone holders. 25 cents each item.

    2 20 gallon tanks and 1 50 gallon tank with wire mesh lids for hospital cage, reptile or rodent house. Not guaranteed to be watertight. free, need to go. 50 gallon free.

    A Guinea Pig cage with hay rack also available. $10 white. The entire top flips open.

    Water bottles for guinea pigs/rodents. $2 each. 4 available. Plastic with metal sipper tube.

    Pick up in Oshawa. Evenings or weekends. Please email ahead. I can email pictures if needed. Thanks. Lisa

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