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    May 27, 2011
    I have four hens left in my little flock of brown sex links. For the past 10 months they were inseparable, free-ranging all over. In the last month I have noticed that one is constantly in the nest box, and the other hens have ostracized her. They chase and peck at her whenever she is out of the coop. They all used to perch together, but now it seems as if she is not allowed to be part of the flock. She doesn't appear to be sick, but she is definately chicken-non-grata. For a while she would sit on any eggs that were laid, but now the other hens lay in another box. Don't know if I should let this go on, or take matters into my own hands; so to speak. Any ideas?
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    So is the one hen broody??? I'm not clear on that. Broody hens typically act "off," and other hens typically don't like an "off" acting bird for some reason, kind of like when you read about a flock picking on a sickly bird. If she is broody, I would break her - not allow her back on the nest for a while.

    Now if she's not broody and they're treating her that way, I might try penning her separately with whichever of the other three is mildest mannered, to try to build up a "buddy" relationship, then try them all together again. Or, if there's an easily identifiable instigator, I might try isolating the ring leader for a few days to see if the rest will accept the ousted hen.

    Good luck - hope you find something that works!
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    She sounds broody. My top hen has taken to wing-dancing the broodies when they get up lol. I just hope she doesn't start crowing!

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