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    I thought these girls were bred, but 32 days later and still no signs of babies. (I am not selling the does for sure for a few days just to make sure they are not later deliverers.) I didn't pay attention and watch so don't know if they actually DID get bred. BUT I'm going to part with some rather than rebreeding due to the fact that our lives are about to get hectic. I have pedigrees on some of them and can tell you their pedigree names and the original breeders and the two without, I have their parents papers so you may be able to pedigree them. Can do pictures if you like, too or you can go look at them on my web site rabbit page www.freewebs.com/bluemountainpoultyandbuns (Sapphire, Little Boy Blue and Sunny/Sunshine are not for sale). Prices are for the buns only. I also have brand new cages 24x24 that I put together specifically for these buns as well as the metal feeders and waters. If you want them as well, I'll charge $15 per cage+feeds/waterers. I have 3 extras that I can sell. (ONLY if I sell the buns)

    Broken doe. Ear stamp, pedigree. Was a show rabbit. Previous owner said it hissed at her and bit her once, but she's been an absolute angel here. However, would recommend being an adult pet or breeder due to this. (Though she's been fine wiht my own children.) $35

    Sable buck. Sweet as can be. He's a doll baby. He does have a pedigree and is from Theresa Burleson out of Morganton. $25

    Sable point doe. For those unfamiliar with the color, they resemble siamese cats color wise. Gorgeous sweet doe. We've named her Houdini b/c if you leave any I do have her parents pedigrees. $20

    Sable point buck. Brother to Hoidini. Same info applies for pedigree. $20

    I am in the foothills of NC, half way between Asheville and Hickory. No shipping. If you want all of the buns listed, I'll sell them for $85.

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