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  1. horsechick

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    Nov 14, 2007
    Eaton, Ohio

    Not animal/livestock related, but, does anyone quilt? Any suggestions on websites or books to get started, Is there a "quilting for dummies" book? LOL! I've just seen so many really neat quilts and thought it might be something I'd like to do, if I have the patience for it......

    Anyway, thought I'd ask if anyone had any suggestions. Sorry if in wrong spot but couldn't figure out where to post this.

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. Wildsky

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Its a great hobby.

    I kinda self taught - after going to an amish quilt show. [​IMG]

    I bought one of their little block kits, a few other items I needed (the wash out marker) and just did it!

    Its fun but very time consuming, I find with two kids now I don't have the time or the energy for much more than flopping in front of the TV once they're in bed. I don't even READ anymore [​IMG]
  3. Wildsky

    Wildsky Wild Egg!

    Oct 13, 2007
    Oh are you going to hand quilt or machine quilt? I did hand quilting - but have since bought a machine that could probably handle it... they're pretty spendy those fancy machines...
  4. LoneCowboy

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    Yep, I quilt a lot. Have since I was young. It's really not difficult. Strip quilting is a good place to start. I tried to get the name of the book I really like, but it looks like my Mom stole it back last time she was here.

    Are you wanting to hand quilt, or tie? Hand quilting are those little stitches that look like a sewing maching, and tying are the yarn knots (doesn't have to be yarn)
  5. speckledhen

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    I do quilt, or I did alot for years. All by hand (machine phobia, LOL). Used to be quite good at it, but my hands and eyes arent cooperating for me these days. Plus, I get too antsy to sit for long periods. And this winter, I was going to finish that darn lap quilt I started, oh, three years ago. This is the only finished bed quilt I have-I mostly like lap quilts and wallhangings:
  6. Wildsky

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Wow Cyn thats pretty - would have taken me YEARS for that...

    I like to Cross-stitch too - thats more "instant" gratification to me than quiliting - not that anything hand made is instant - I just like making the pictures and stuff... made some for babies and weddings etc...
  7. 65browneyes

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    Mar 2, 2007
    Oh, Speckled! That's beautiful! I really got into quilting about 14 years ago about the same time I started having my 'second' family. Not the most ideal time to start that kind of hobby, but.......

    I made a friend's daughter a "Sunshine and Shadows" quilt using the strip method. And, I made my in-laws a "Trip Around the World" using 2 1/2" squares for their 30 something-ith anniversary. I've made several others, but these two I'm most proud of.

    My first quilt was a 9 patch for my neice. I found this pattern the easiest to start out with. I really enjoy the "Big Block Quilt" magazine. I'm not sure if it is even still in publication, tho.

    My favorite quilts to make are crib quilts. I always tie these with crochet thread, never yarn (because I don't like to use yarn). The babies like to play with the thread tails on the ties. I always back them with flannel, too.

    I have a quilting foot for my machine and have machine quilted. I don't hand quilt simply because I am NO good at hand stitching anything.

    I'm a fourth generation quilter, so I've always been exposed to it. My mom has been my greatest resource.

    I know you'll enjoy quilting, horsechick. It's a very rewarding hobby! But, if you're concerned about having the patience for it, start small. Make a doll quilt, a wall hanging, a "snuggle" or crib size. Let us know how it goes!
  8. RockinCircleC

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Enumclaw, WA
    Find a quilt guild in your area and start going to meetings. They love newbies and sharing. I don't quilt, but my mom does and it is just as addicting as horses and chickens. [​IMG]
  9. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    I quilt. Self taught. No books. No 'techiques'. The only problem is that it has become such an in thing and has become so commercialized that it can be very expensive to invest in as a beginner.

    I hand quilt and machine quilt. Don't get overwhelmed and taken in by those who lead you to believe you need to buy everything and the most expensive machines. Start small and work your way up to the big things.

    Gorgeous quilt, Cyn!
  10. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    I'm one of those people who got started by saying, gee, that looks like an interesting thing to try, and just doing it. I have read books to figure out how things I've seen are done, but basically self-taught. It is not rocket science, honestly!

    If you are not sure you want to go whole hog but would rather stick a toe in and see what the water;s like first, I highly recommend picking the ONE aspect of quilting that strikes you as most appealing and doing a project around just that.

    Think piecing would be neat? Get a book or take a craft store evening class, piece one block, then pake it into a pillow if you want to go on and quilt it or a framed piece of wall art if you don't.

    Does the actual quilting itself appeal to you? Knock together a lap sized thing using large plain squares sewn together (or even just get a single lap-sized piece of solid colored cloth) and make it into a quilt, so you are skipping as rapidly as possible to the quilting step.

    Does the idea of combining colors in interesting ways appeal more? Go shopping [​IMG] and make a very very simple quilt of squares or rectangles (get a book to show you simple-to-make designs), then batt and back it using a synthetic batting and just *tie* (not quilt) and bind it.

    Or if you want to make intricate pictures, get a book on quilt-as-you-go designs, and make one square for turning into a pillow.

    The one big thing to know is: USE APPROPRIATE FABRIC. That means 100%cotton, moderately tightly woven (looseish stuff like some of the cheap walmart fabrics will stretch and fall apart; too-tight weaves, like pieces of bedsheets, are way too hard to sew properly, esp. with a machine).

    FWIW I started out hand-quilting a big tie-dyed sheet I'd made and could'nt figure out what to do with; then a simple machine-pieced hand-quilted bed quilt; then a totally hand pieced hand quilted one for my now-husband; and so on. You don't have to follow books' ideas of how to start [​IMG]

    Good luck, and have fun!


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