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    What are some available OTC anti fungal meds? Homeopathic, therapeutic grade essential oils, etc. I know to dilute heavily when using essential oils.

    I've had an x-ray, blood work, physical exams done on one of my birds and she hasn't improved in a week. I was prescribed an anti-biotic and Metacam-anti inflamm, which I have been giving her. Waterer is and always has been cleaned every few days and are supplemented with BOB- Big ol Bird probiotics and ACV. My coop is clean and bedding changed often. Just trying to get some the basics out of the way. I know you'll have some more questions, so please, fire away.

    Blood Work Results:

    Negative on fecal parasite tests
    Her white blood cell count is elevated, but my Avian Vet said its within the labs reference ranges. There are some toxic changes to white blood cells which could mean serious infection.

    I've been reading a lot about fungal infections as her symptoms fall into that category. Lethargy, not eating as much as usual, drinking quite a bit. I know these symptoms are wide ranging and it's hard to diagnose sometimes. But, with the blood results, WOULD IT SHOW fungal infections in the blood work? I just emailed my vet back and am waiting on an answer.

    She does not seem to have any flu, respiratory symptoms or issues.

    I read that fungal infections should be treated with anti fungal, and not anti-biotic. In her email with the blood work, she did recommend to keep taking the anti biotic.

    Thoughts, ideas, experiences please.

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    bumping this up for you!
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    I think it would be best to ask your vet those questions. Since they have performed testing, they should be able to give you specific information unique to your situation.

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