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    Hey you guys!

    Most of you on here have chickens, and love them. Well, I've found a site, a very WONDERFUL site, that kind of simulates the chicken breeding process, except with made up creatures. [​IMG]

    This site I think is wonderful for all ages, I know adults who visit this site. The site is called:


    Basically on this site you start out with an 'egg'. Yet, another trait of chickens right there. Most of the time, it will be an egg from a creature they have called a FuzCub. This creature sort of resembles a cat.

    They have several types of creatures:
    FuzCubs: like I said, like a cat
    TurtleTots: resemble a turtle
    ChatterChimps: resemble monkeys/apes
    ScuttleBugs: resemble snails
    BrumbleBears: resemble bears
    Beaklings: resemble ducks

    The goal of the game is to raise your creatures, and mainly, breed them. You earn a form of money called FarmBucks. You use this money to decorate your farms and buy creatures from other users. My favorite part is "Subbreeds." Subbreeds are a creature a user creates, (from one of the breeds above) that has a specific eye color/eye size, fur color/ shell color, size/shell size, nose size, etc. It can become very complex.

    This site is one of my favorites, other than BYC, and it is really entertaining. I would really appreciate anybody who decided to join, my username on this site is TresChic. There's also a forum too. [​IMG]

    Hope you guys join!

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