Other cool breed crosses?


12 Years
Mar 26, 2007
I just found "Sizzles" on this site. They are pretty darn cute. I have a few frizzle/cochins and I have seen frizzled/polish and naked necks/silkies. Is anyone working on any other nifty breed crosses?
I'm not really "working" on this, but it happened last year. I have a beautiful black standard cochin roo in with other cochin girls and two brahma hens. I really like the combination of both breeds- large, good egg production, docile, and they SHOULD be good broodies. The roos could be meat birds.....this is one of my friendliest hens--


Another cross I have in the bator is Blisschick's NN/EE's. I can't wait to see those!
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I and others have hatched eggs from my Blue Orpington roo over my Buff Brahma hen. The result is a bird with sexlinked traits. All males are black or blue with lots of gold in their wing, back and chest feathers, all females are basically solid black or blue, sometimes with extremely faint buff lacing in the chest area. All have modified pea combs and most have feathered legs. Here are the last brother and sister I hatched.



I posted a bit ago about crosses as I wanted to hatch a chick from my recently deceased Speckled Sussex. My roo is a mille fleur so it would of been interesting had it worked. Well, what did hatch were 2 white crested black polish/mille fleur chicks, 1 ameracuana/mille fleur chick and 1 australorp/mille fleur chick. The polish/mille fleur literally look like a pilated woodpecker, minus the red color. They have a mohawk and an interesting comb. Feathered legs. I'll try and get some pics when they get a little older.
I was an Alpha Gam at Michigan State. Would you believe I actually enrolled as a Poultry Science major?!!!!! Our Chapter folded several years ago. The greek system is just on a downswing these days. It makes me sad. They are trying to reorganize. Back when I was there we had over 70 members. I graduated in 1983 though. It was all pretty popular then.

well I have not set any of these eggs yet - but when my ducks are done in the bator I will be setting some mutt eggs from my little Black Dutch banty roo with some of my standard size EE's - these should be very interesting babies !!!

well my nn rooster is top rooster around here and his been mating with all my hens. a white rock a ee ,polish bantam laced cochin, maran and silke. eggs are do to hatch this weekend be some interesting looking chicks.
i just hatched a phoenix crosed with a silkie cochin. The chicks r gorgeous, cant wait to see them feather out. Had 5 hatch so far. Black on top w/yellow underside with a touch of yellow onn top of head and tipped wings

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