Other hens canibalizing broody hens eggs!

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    Mar 12, 2013
    I've not seen this problem discussed, so here we go: I've had 2 successful broods hatched this summer - the summer of the broodies - but when the third was just as the point of hatching disaster struck. When mama left the nest other hens swooped in and had a feast! After that, poor mama was still wanting a nest so I set her back up and the rest did the same thing twice! I've still got 3 broodies and would like to hatch out more rather than have all these non-laying hens producing nothing, but I'm afraid of losing so many eggs. I've tried putting various hens into a small enclosure to brood a few yards away from the hen house but they always act like frantic prisoners when in there. It seems very important to be with the others. Thoughts? TIA
  2. A hen that is TRULY broody will not care where the other hens are.

    Once a hen goes broody it is best thst she have her own private pen supplied with food and water.

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