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bj taylor

8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
North Central Texas
is that a domestic hog or feral? how much did it weigh? how did you kill it? tell about how you've got it wrapped. did you leave the head on? tell how you're cooking it in the ground - how deep is the hole? what kind of fire (fuel) did you use, how deep of coals. what did you cover the hog with before covering it up?
does such a cooking method require a vent or is it completely burried? how do you calculate how long to cook?


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
It is/was a domestic hog. 110lb Tamworth. I stun with a hammer or .22 long, depending on the size. This one weighed #110 live and that's a little big to hammer so I shot it. You have to be careful when sticking the animal. From the time you stun you only have 8-10 seconds to get it stuck. By stuck I mean hitting a carotid artery. After this time they will start their death throes. I don't care how strong you are or how small the hog is, When it's kicking it can break your leg/arm. The stunning is just that, it stuns them. They should die from bleeding to death. Their heart will still be pumping during the throes, and most of the blood is out of them by the time they quit. Then I wash them off. I skin it next, taking off the feet and head. These go to the dogs. You can see my heeler waiting in the one pic. Then I gut them into a bucket and seperate the liver, lungs, kidneys, and heart for dog/chicken treats. I think it is important to get the skin off before opening the cavity to avoid possibly contaminating the tenderloin.

I usually leave them hang overnight at this point. But this one got seasoned and double/triple wrapped in foil and secured with 2x2 fencing.

I dug the hole 2' deep and burnt about a cord of wood in it. The coals were about 18" deep. I raked the coals flat and put down a piece of roofing metal. I placed the hog on the metal and covered it with another piece. Then I covered the whole thing with 1-2' of dirt. I put it on at 9 last night and plan to dig it up around 3 this afternoon.

From what I read it doesn't need a chimney and takes 12-24 hours to cook. I'll take some more pics this afternoon after we dig it up.

I hope this answers your questions. I am by no means an expert in this cooking method. This is my first try at it. I do kill 6-10 hogs a year though. I don't cut the boar pigs. I just eat them at 75-100lbs. A 75lber makes a great "Pig Pickin'" for 10-15 people.

I'm getting married this fall and am trying to figure how I'm gonna do those hogs. Just experimenting with this one. It was a runt and I was tired of putting food in it with not very much gain. Her sisters are 175-200lbs.

Happy Memorial Day to all and remember those who gave their all for our Great Nation. We need to get back to what the "real" patriots died for.


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