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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Pineywoods Peepers, Jul 27, 2010.

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    So I put the chicks out today like I've been doing the past few days. Hooked their 42" crate to the 48" exercise pen. It was supposed to rain today, so instead of setting them up in the grass, I put them under our carport. Today at lunch everyone looked great.

    I went out this evening because I was going to feed them some oats, and when I sat down to do so, one of my Wellies came out of the crate and looked like a Turken! I'd just seen that chicken at lunch sitting on the pvc pipe we set up for them to roost on, and s/he was fine! Checked the crate and another Wellie was in there with her hind quarters picked raw.

    I haven't had a problem with the chicks pecking at one another since the first week they were here. And now that they have more room to roam in, I certainly didn't expect it to start now. I did notice when I got to looking that they had knocked their feeders off their bricks and kicked a bunch of shavings in them. I just filled the feeders up this a.m., and they didn't appear to be empty at lunch. But when I cleaned out the shavings there wasn't much food underneath them.

    Is it possible they started picking at each other because they were hungry? I guess I need to start filling up the feeder when I come home at lunch, but yesterday it took them all day to eat 2 whole feeders full of food. Can they really double their consumption in 24 hours??

    I had to set up an infirmary crate, and they weren't too happy about being separated from the other chicks. I put the little crossbeak chick and some Silkies in with them for company, and that appeased them somewhat, but they still weren't too pleased.

    I just can't believe those poor chicks suffered so much damage in just a few hours. I put some off brand blue antiseptic on them, but it didn't stain them blue. I guess I need to go find some name brand Bluekote


    Poor little gals. [​IMG]

  2. ARGH! Poor babies! Hope their feathers grow back soon, and no more incidents happen.
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    Jul 25, 2010
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    [​IMG] Goodness! Hope they get better soon!
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    I would observe closely for a picker or a bully and remove it. All it takes is one to get the blood flowing then the others will join in and relentlessly attack the injury...and yes I have culled bullies and pickers. All it takes is one to start a very bad habit and ruin your whole flock.
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    Quote:I agree- we are sending one of our roos to freezer camp after this laying season because he can't get along with our other roo, who is gentle and sweet. If there's a bully, for the sake of the others get rid of it.
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    I was told that you could spray vinager on their feathers when they are young and it tastes terrible to the bully who will then stop picking. I did it once or twice while mine were very small and I never had a problem. Those poor babies. I hope the get better soon.
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    I have some bitter apple here that I'd thought about using. I may give it a whirl. The chicks look a lot better today. Not nearly as red and inflamed, but I'm going to leave them in the chickfirmary for another few days. I'm not taking any chances of having them pecked raw again.

    I really haven't noticed any bullies among the chicks - except for the first week when the RIR's were mean to everyone! Since then they all seemed to be getting along pretty well. Not sure what happened yesterday, but I'm going to keep a much closer eye on everyone from now on.

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    Apply pine tar to the birds that are being pecked. Works wonders. You can get it at sports supply stores.

    Also, I had some birds that were pecked so badly that I thought for sure they wouldnt make it. I brought them in the house and sprayed them with silver topical spray for horses, and all of them recovered and are fully feathered again.
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    Jun 13, 2010
    Quote:Pine tar= Icthammol, yes? Is it safe to use on broilers?
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    Blue Kote works great on wounds,,,but you need to remove from the others until you know who is picking. Pickers do not survive here as they will not stop. Make sure that they have food and clean water in front of them 24/7 and that might help your problem. Also, make sure they have enough room and are not crowded, give meal worms, alfalfa hay, grass. fruits and veggies to keep them occupied. Icthammol will work. The silver spray might attract others to pick. Great for the horses tho~ Good Luck!

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