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  1. What do you guys with a lot of quail on wire do for ouchy feet [bumble foot?].
    It's winter and several of my older birds have ouchy feet. As these feet [bumble foot] is said to be Staph Infection, I don't really want to mess too much with it.

    Any ideas? I have thought about the Rabbit Resting pads.?

    Or, Can you eat these birds with ouchy feet, knowing that they have Staph in their feet?
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    Bumble foot looks like swollen foot pads that are very tender. It stems from bacteria entering the foot pad either from a scratch or cut in the pad or even a bruise in the foot pad. Dirty conditions as well can cause bumble foot.

    Yes, it is a staph infection. So you will need to do something about it or possibly lose your quail. The easiest thing to do is get them on some soft bedding, either sand, wood shavings or even grass hay. If the infection is not too far gone, they should heal on their own without medicating.

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