Our 2nd hen laid her first egg and question about pecking

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by motherhenmindy, Oct 3, 2011.

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    I ran outside in a panic because it sounded like something was attacking the hens, I had never heard such a commotion... It was just my BO who had laid her first egg today. OMG she was loud and proud! My BR has been laying an egg everyday for almost 3 weeks and I thought I'll have no idea really when the others will start laying, and the BR doesn't make a peep after she's laid. I was wrong about that, the BO carried on and on. It was so darn cute. Wonder when I'll be getting complaints from my HOA...

    Anyway, our RIR is the bottom of our pecking order. For the last week or so while out free ranging, she tears after my 4 year old and pecks her feet or legs. She never does it to me, but I'm rooster, they all just want some loving when they see me. My kids have been around the chickens since they were chicks, and all give treats to them so they do come running but the RIR almost seems aggressive about it, she was never like this before, and the other 2 leave the kids alone. She will charge in a very determined manner and I'm positive I'm seeing her giving the stink eye. Of course my daughter just runs and screams and that makes things worse I think. Is this normal chicken behavior? She hasn't drawn blood, but darn near close. Does she do this because she gets pecked and my daughter is an easy target? Is it the breed? Just wondering if it's something I should be concerned about.
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    sometimes when you havent a rooster, one of the hens will take that spot and along with it, rooster-like behavior.
    Youre right, your daughter needs to 'stand up' to the hen *(with your help) so this doesn't set in pattern...a broom may help. (one of those straw ones that don't do any damage) Alot of times they will back down with just the threat of violence, they are after all- chicken [​IMG]
    Good luck to you, I'd encourage nipping it inthe bud, and firmer guidelines set down by you, the leader of the flock

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