Our 3 yr old maran getting skinny - any ideas on getting her plumber?

Mackie n chicks

6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Banffshire, Scotland
We have 12 hens of different ages, however, our two eldest are Izzy (light sussex) and Dottie (maran). All our birds are regularly wormed but Dottie still seems to be losing a lot of weight. She was quite a plump little bird when she was younger but over the last few months she is definitely getting skinnier and we are know getting worried. She is definitely eating and her crop seems fine, she also still loves rushing for the sweetcorn as a treat but she is still losing weight. Any ideas 1. What could be causing it and 2. Any ideas on how to try to gain her weight - we do NOT plan to use her as a meat chicken she and all our chickens are pets, but i'm afraid it may be her 'time to go'. She is also still laying EVERY DAY except for one day every two week she gives herself a rest which is amazing for a 3 year old. Any help for our Dottie anyone? Thanks

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