Our 6 Bantams and 2 Standard Roos are getting BIG! Pic Heavy...


11 Years
Apr 4, 2009
Hey there, we have been gone off and on for the last 3 weeks and in the mean time our baby chicks have really grown! Our Bantams are 6 weeks old and our roos are 4 weeks old. We put them in the same brooder about a week ago and that we interesting. Our naughty little seabright pecked them like crazy at first. The poor roos were huddled in the corner for a few days. Things they have changed though. I checked on them last night and literally the 2 roos were sprawled out in the main area and all 6 of the bantams were huddled in the same corner the roos had been.

Our roos are EE's and we bought them to be our main roosters for our twenty 13 week old hens (we had them sexed and none of them turned out to be roosters). I think they we do well. We have put them with the girls a couple times and while they are still too small to leave there, they held their ground. They got some pecks, but they took it well and even pecked back a few times. It is just funny though how different the roos' attitude is over the hens. They act like they rule the earth even though they don't yet. They weren't scared at all in the big coop with all the hens. They walked around like they owned the place and spent most of their time in there enjoying a dust bath!

Out of our Bantams I am sure the white silkie and the seabright are roos (even though I am no expert). I can't figure out the other 4, although I hope they are girls. Our white silkie (James Bond, JB for short) is a great little guy. Protective, but nice. Our seabright is gorgeous, but he has a MAJOR attitude. We have two black/grey silkies that are a little skiddish, but sweet (one was a rescue from TSC). Then we have 2 bantams that appear to be the same breed, but different colors. I don't know what breed they are. They are very skiddish and flighty compared to the rest of my bantams.

Ok, here are some pics and thanks for letting me share!

Our EE Roos:


Our sweet Silkie Roo:

Our 6 week old silkie roo with our 4 week old standard EE's:

Our silkie with one of our unknown petite bantams:

Our naughty seabright:


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