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    Our 9 month old drake lives with a female pekin duck and 4 mixed breed hens. We are hoping he will breed with her as she lays eggs regularly. However, he has little interest in her and in fact prefers to try to mate with the chickens. The female duck dances around him trying to attract his attention to no avail. He just prefers chickens, which they do not like one bit! Any ideas or advice? Thanks.
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    He needs to be separated from the chickens, his breeding can kill them. Ducks have parts for breeding and roosters do not so a drake breeding a hen is a bad thing.
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    Do you think he will then become interested in the duck? Are ducks happy to breed with different duck breeds?
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    As you have seen by his attentions to your chickens, drakes are usually interested in anything female. Chickens are usually easier to catch than ducks so that may be why he does not show interest in the female. But as stated, you need to seperate you chickens from the drake because he can seriously injure or kill them by mating them. Once he is with the female duck, he will realize that is his option. You may not be able to keep the ducks and chickens together again though.
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