Our amazing chick - hatched 2 days after left to spend the night outside in 12 degree temps!!!!

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    Hi Everybody, this is a really happy story I just had to tell it. But first, some back story: this past week we had some staggered hatchings, due to eggs being left under some broody hens while we were away. We didn't really want new ones, but didn't have the heart to destroy the eggs after candling them and seeing the chicks move. Two chicks hatched this past Thursday, and then a late one on Sunday. The Sunday hatch wasn't all that easy, due to Mama Hen now being in a more mobile mood. Somebody attacked it quite badly, and there were difficulties getting the mama hen to accept it (all good now, but that's another story). After this final Sunday hatch, there was one last egg. I did my best to candle it in the chicken yard, and was pretty sure that what had been in there had died. The hen had abandoned the nest, so sometime mid-day Sunday, I was tidying and put the egg outside the whole coop. It was a warm-ish day, but that night a cool change came in, with temps going down to 11 or 12 degrees celcius (maybe 51 or 52 F). Monday evening - a full 24 hours after the egg was no longer in the nest - my partner saw the egg on the ground and brought it inside, thinking it was a fresh egg one of the girls had laid that day. 'Don't use that egg!!' I said loudly when I realised the egg was gone, thinking it would be a sad mess of mushy dead chick. But guess what?? Remember this was A FULL 24 HOURS after anybody had incubated the egg, we heard peeping. PEEPING!!!! Quickly we grabbed the incubator, placed the egg gently in (with tons and tons of spraying - there is no humidity here in South Australia), and waited. And now, Monday night, after 24 hours out in the cold, we have a big beautiful healthy chick! We have decided to call it Jesus, since it came back from the dead. And that is our story :)
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    Wow, that's some story! Congrats on all your hatchings!
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    That's awesome, I live when nature finds a way!

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