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    Apr 2, 2010
    Ok, here is the situation. Last Monday during the horrible rains that plagued Florida we realized one of our girls was missing. We looked everywhere for her. Others property under, over no such luck. We decided she had been stolen, eaten or something. There was not even a feather left behind. A great mystery was around her disappearance. Well yesterday while doing yard work, my husband turned over a concrete mixing trough and a chicken popped out at him. About scared the you know what outta him. We could not beleive it. It was our missing girl. I can not believe she survived that long. But we live in the suburbs on less than an acre of land. None of my neighbors reported a rogue wandering chicken, there had even been a big pit bull loose for a few days. There was very little if any grass under there. I can only imagine that she was getting water from rain that flooded under the trough. But how long can they live without food and water. She did go and eat a LOT soon as she got out. We gave her some special treats of peaches and worms. My brain keeps arguing with myself saying there is no way she was under there that long. However it is the only thing that makes since for her sudden disappearance. I am truly shocked that she did not act weak, listless or anything. She was just more hungry and thirsty than normal. Does anyone know how long they can live in the dark with no food or water? My next question is, is there anything I should watch for for the next several days. Could this have been long enough to force her to molt, or have other issues. She had only recently started laying eggs, could this cause her to have a problem with egg bound or anything. Or is it most likely that her system shut down during her famine. Any ideas would be great.


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    Maybe she slept mostly. I am happy she lived through that. I dont know answers to your questions but its amazing she was found and alive! Keep us up to date on how she is doing please.

    Laurie [​IMG]

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