Our Beautiful Zane is Gone. RIP, My Angel with Barred Wings

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  1. speckledhen

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    My 5 yr old Lt Brahma hen, Miranda, is dying of full system failure, and is in the hospital cage over Zane. It's a beautiful day, more like May than February. We had been checking on Miranda periodically and Zane had been crowing his heart out today, a sign that he feels fine. I was making plans to get him out in the sunshine when the main flock was put back from free ranging with Isaac.

    I went out to check Miranda, found her face really dark, said hi to her, then looked down, saw Zane had kicked lots of hay into his feed bowl, opened his cage, started scooping hay out of the bowl, said, "Zane, you made a mess here, buddy", then realized he was laying over at the back of the cage, his comb very dark and I knew he was dead. I called my husband since I can't reach into the back of the cage very well, he pulled Zane out. There was no fluid coming from his mouth, he was warm, rigor hadn't even begun to set in, obviously he had just passed away within the last few minutes. Zane was 4 years 3 months old, and has been crippled from the age of about 20 weeks, but he was the most cheerful fellow you could imagine, loved life, had his girlfriend, Gypsy, who loved to visit him often and he loved me. He was the love of my life. I knew we would be burying Miranda soon, but didn't expect to lose Zane today.

    Zane, before the fall that crippled him with permanent tendon damage:

    Young Zane, son of my first BR rooster Hawkeye & Lexie, one of my first BR hens:

    Zane flirting with the big girls:




    Later, after he was handicapped, being Uncle Zane to broody mamas' chicks



    It's a black day here. We can't believe our sweet Zane is gone. The voice, so like his daddy Hawkeye's, won't be crowing anymore.
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    I'm very sorry. I remember the whole thread on Zane a few years ago. I know how attached you were to him, and honest to God, that roo had the best darn life! No wonder he was so happy. Find peace in knowing the wonderful life you gave him. Those are beautiful pictures.

    So sorry!
  3. speckledhen

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    As I just told my friend, Ellie, it's crazy how much we loved that rooster. He was the warmest soul and he would look at me with so much love in his eyes, loved for me to stroke his face, would hold so still. Gosh, I hate seeing that empty cage. Gypsy seems so confused, even though we showed him to her; she keeps going back over there and looking up at it, like she's listening for him or waiting for him to come to the door so she can see him.
  4. Wynette

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    OH, CYN...I am so, so sorry. I know your heart is aching...I stopped asking about him long ago because I knew it brought pain, but I always loved hearing about him. BIG HUG, my good friend! [​IMG]
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    Cyn, as I sit here tearing up, I want to tell you how sorry I am. I can feel your pain and heartache. I know it well also. Hugs and thoughts to you and your husband.
  6. leadwolf1

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    May 1, 2011
    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, it's so hard to lose our friends....
  7. kathyinmo

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    [​IMG] I know you are heartbroken, Cyn.
    I am so sorry for your sadness and loss. [​IMG]
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    How great that you had such a special creature in your life - so sorry to hear he is gone.
  9. speckledhen

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    I'm afraid we'll be shedding tears for a long time over him. We buried him near Hawkeye, I did not want to let him go, but how long can you stand there with a dead rooster in your arms? He lived a great life with his limitations and I can't explain it, but it was his choice to continue, not mine. He wanted to live and he did it with grace and dignity. We are so heartbroken, there really are no words. We knew the day would come, but this was too soon.

    Thank you all for understanding.
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  10. ParadiseFoundFarm

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    So sorry for your great loss. [​IMG]

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