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    Feb 16, 2008
    We have 2 broody hens...one had fake eggs and one was on 4 real eggs...we have been trying to find a separate place for them and we finally just got a couple of cheap 4x8 ft boards at Home Depot and plastic and made them a little box, and attached it to the run we used when our baby chicks were too small for the main yard....

    We wrapped it in plastic and have plastic rolled up to roll down in front in case it rains hard. I hope they stay dry.


    Here they are in their nests....so happy to be alone and not being sat on by other birds!


    I hope the eggs are good! I've never candled and I am not sure I will bother them to try so....but it should be good for the chicks too....although I am not too sure about 2 moms and babies in one place....will the moms fight when the babies are hatched?

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    Well, I think that's a great idea! I need something myself and that looks "doable". I have 4 silly girls broody right now and the others keep adding eggs so I have to sort through every evening.

    I really need to get these girls isolated and I might just steal your idea! [​IMG]

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