Our cat has cancer

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    Our 14 year old cat, Sam, has been diagnosed with cancer. Ultrasound showed a large mass in his abdomen, involved the lymph nodes, then thickened intestines suggesting intestinal lymphoma. Cytology on the mass revealed it is an aggressive form of cancer. There is no hope.

    My vet has prescribed several medications. One we have started already is buprenorphine for pain. Sam is very hard to give medications to, but this one is liquid and such a small dose. My husband and i have been working together to get it down him twice a day. Then now we have been given liquid Vitamin K, as he seems to be having clotting issues. Prednisolone, and then a chemo drug Chlorambucil. That chemo med came in a bottle inside a plastic bag covered in warnings about how toxic it is. That scares me.

    i'm pondering the wisdom of holding him down several times a day to squirt many syringes of medication down this throat. Several years ago, i lost 3 cats in quick succession. Their last days were filled with struggles as i forced medications down their throats. It crushed me to see them run in terror when i only wanted to help them. i can't go through that again. And with Sam, there is no hope, he will not recover from this. i just want him to be as comfortable as possible. If any of these medications can make him feel better, i'm all for it. i just dread the struggle.
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    I'm so sorry.
    I can't make the decision for you. I would find it difficult as well.

    Imp- been there
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    Sorry to hear that. I am sure you will know when it is time to put an end to the suffering. Sending many hugs your way! [​IMG]
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    I would give the Buprenorphine for pain management. Nothing else. Trying to medicate an unwilling cat is difficult enough for all involved, and remember the cat has no idea why he needs all these meds. All he knows is that several times a day he's being attacked and forced to ingest foul tasting substances.

    In these situations I always advise clients to be aware of the quality of life for their pet. I wouldn't want my pet to spend a few extra months alive fighting me to take medications that can't cure him. Just not a way I would want to end a life long partnership with a friend.

    So sorry you have this issue to deal with. Remember-you aren't the only one who has a difficult time medicating a cat. Us trained professionals get bitten, too!
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    It will be a year this october that i had to put my cat down because of cancer. He was 16 and had cancer in his throat. His hair was falling out and he coual hardly eat. We had to give him a syringe of medication twice a day along with a pill in his food. He lasted another 5 months before he was in pain again and i made the decision to let go. I know how you feel [​IMG]
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    Thanks all. i appreciate your suggestion, theoldchick. i may just stick with that for now. The chemo drug scares me. The tech said to wear gloves. But Sam whips around so much when we give him meds, i could see it flying all over, getting in his eye, or in my eye.

    For now he's still eating and drinking. He does pull himself up, protecting his abdomen if we don't get the pain meds on board morning and evening. So that medication is helping. i guess we just have to take this one day at a time.
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    Apr 26, 2007
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    i'm so sorry, featherfinder. [​IMG] It's so hard watching them suffer.
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    I know this has little grasp on your specific situation...but my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She took medications, much as you describe. One was not to exposed to light at all, had to remain in a brown bag.

    She was in such pain, even with pain killers, that her quality of life was nothing. She tried to tell us, but...how could we imagine? When it comes to something like this, I've decided that when there is no hope I will not go through this and neither will any of my animals. I would keep him comfortable as long as you can or as long as you feel able.
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