Our Chicken have Wet Pox


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
A few days ago we discovered one of our Orpington chickens with wet pox. It had a cheesy looking ulcer-like clot in her mouth and had difficulties breathing. We put her in quarantaine together with the rooster who had a bad cold and was infecting the others with his cold. Yesterday the sick chicken had to culled because it hadn't eaten in four days and it was getting horrible.

Today we searched the internet and found out that they have wet pox. We inspected all others. Eight of our stock of ten are infected (either with yellow dots down their throats, or already small lumps of yellow in their beak). They are now all in quarantaine.

On the internet it says vaccination can only be done as a precaution. Is there another cure for the sick chicken we have now. We dread having them killed and are searching frantically for a cure.

Can anyone help?

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Are you sure its not canker? Usually with the diphtheritic form of pox there is also lesions on the face and wattles
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