Our chicken tractor's online debut

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9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
New Bern, NC
I thought we'd share our chicken tractor with information on how we made it and how it functions. It currently houses six chickens (three RIR and three black sex links). We are expanding our flock slowly each year so we're in the process of building a permanent chicken yard. Though I know some people successfully keep more chickens in the same amount of space as our chicken tractor, I personally feel that six is enough in there. Even after our chicken yard is complete and operational, we plan to continue using our tractor. It's an easy way to safely let them "free range" without having to worry about predators.

It's a video w/ more detailed description in the blog entry. If it were just pictures, I'd post them here but I don't think we can post videos (or am I wrong?) Anyway, here's the link if any of you want to go check it out .

(Side note.... expecting our 2011 chicks tomorrow if all goes well!
Thanks! I have to say that was a last minute decision. We are in eastern NC so for a large portion of the year, we are battling heat and humidity more than we are cold. We knew we had to have extra ventilation because of that, so an open floor was necessary for maximum air flow. As it started getting colder, we decided to cover the floor at the last minute... and it works perfect. (The removable floor also makes it super easy to clean out during the winter. We just slide it out covered in shavings, dump it in a bin, replace the floor and toss in new shavings. Couldn't be simpler.)

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