our chickens are sick...

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    We are new to having chickens. We noticed yesterday that 2 of our chickens have runny eyes and noses. one of them just sits in her perch with her eyes closed with what looks like an inner lid covering her eyes... then a couple of the new ones have combs that look pale and bumpy... are they dying? What do we do? Do we quarantine the others? Do we have to kill off the sick ones and can this spread to our goats that hang out with them or our dogs and horses and us humans? Help!!!
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    There are several possibilities. I'll give you some links to research --- which will tell you a whole lot more than what I personally know. I'll say, though, that I don't know of any diseases that will affect other animals or you, except of course avian flu, which I believe is highly unlikely. One link is the Michigan state vet website, which has an article on this. It could be fungal, viral or bacterial. It could even be an allergic type reaction to a lot of dust or mold or such, though that doesn't seem likely, since some seem to be systemically ill.



    You may have to have testing done to know for certain what it is. Here is an article about mycoplasmosis on Michigan's state vet website, which is one possibility. There is a link at the bottom for contacting their lab.


    Also -- it could be that oxine would take care of it. Here is an account from a reliable and experienced member here, and a thread on how to obtain and use it.



    If you do decide to kill and disinfect, oxine is also the best product for this, as I understand it.
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    The pale bumpy combs makes me think it may be wet pox, which is like chicken pox in people in a way..... Can you get a pic of it? Are their other bumps or scabs on the skin?

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