Our chicks have come home


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9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
Eaton rapids, Mi
Well after several weeks of preparing coop we finally picked our chicks up from the neighbors farm. She had been keeping them for us till they were ready for the coop.
1- Light Brahama
1- Silver Laced Wyandotte
1- Silver Cuckoo Maran
1- Partridge Rock
1- Columbian Wyandotte

The Brahma is aprox 5 weeks....and the rest are aprox. 3 weeks. It was their first time in a run so it was all about investigating the new surroundings. They needed some persuation to get into the new coop for the night. We couldn't help but watch them for the first hour and realized it was time for them to go to bed. looking forward to raising these girls.
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