Our Cold Egg Hatched!

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    Sep 17, 2009
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    I just wanted to share this because I was so surprised. We had a broody hen decide to sit on some eggs about 3 1/2 weeks after we sold our only rooster, so I thought that was a little funny. Well, I ended up checking the eggs just in case and all three were developing. So I actually had no idea what day they were one (I didn't think they could still be fertile, but shows what I know). So last Sunday I had figured they weren't going to hatch but thought I would take a peek anyway. While I was candling the first one it chirped at me. So I put them back in and (thankfully not ruining the hatch) and we had two chicks by the next morning. The next night when I checked on the hen and 2 chicks I noticed that she wasn't sitting on the last egg, it was stone cold. I decided to take her out of the coop with the 2 chicks and I put the egg under another hen who decided to go broody at the same time but had no eggs, just in case. The chick hatched the next morning. I couldn't believe it, the egg must have been about 60 degrees the night before and it still hatched! This whole chicken thing is still amazing me.
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