Our Coop is finshed! Photos fixed!


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Oct 1, 2012

Chickens enjoying their breakfast!

we need to move the roosts down but they're using the nest boxes like good girls!
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Very nice!! My chickens would love all that space. How many of the nesting boxes do they use? Mine have 3 and only use 1.
so far I think I've found eggs in 4-5 of them....but using a nest box is pretty new. No eggs on the floor in the last 2 days!
We may get up to 15 hens so it's probably overkill but that's the way my DH does things. Plus we have room to expand. I didn't think we'd have anyone interesteed in eggs but DH has a couple people from work want some so may expand some. We're in a rural area so if people want fresh eggs they have a few hens themselves.
Wow! Very nice! Makes mine look like a shack... =P Now, prepare for all that beautiful grass to be gone within a few weeks, if it's not already. ;)
the wood is bought for the outside run then I want to make a tractor for next year....I HATE the mess they make in the flower beds, ect....so they'll not be out "free" often

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