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Our coop is underway!

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by Real McChicks, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Real McChicks

    Real McChicks In the Brooder

    Jul 20, 2011
    After much discussion and planning, our coop is under construction. [​IMG] My husband was stalling a bit on starting, but when he saw how fast those chicks were growing- he finally got going.

    Its going under a tree in the corner of our yard, on a bit of a slope, so I had to do a lot of digging to level out the boards that form the base of the run as well as the base of the coop. We orginally planned to use concrete siding that matched our house, but after seeing the costs- hubby starting watching Craigslist and found some free lumber which he has now reclaimed for our coop. Its REALLY sturdy (the walls are at least 1.5 inches thick. So far we have two walls up and a frame. Two more walls, a floor and a roof would be great too- but I'll have to be patient.

    It may be about 2 more weeks before its all done and ready for the girls, but I am very excited b/c they are starting to get a tad smelly. I'm also looking forward to being able to use the bathroom without four little chicks watching me intently. Not to mention that people who stop by think we are a little odd because we have chickens in our shower. (Nobody here thinks thats weird- Right?[​IMG])

  2. stubbornhill

    stubbornhill Songster

    Apr 11, 2011
    Shapleigh, Maine
    How exciting! And no...chicks in the shower...totally normal. [​IMG] Make sure you post pictures as you go. We all love to see everyone elses set ups.
  3. Hopper

    Hopper In the Brooder

    Aug 5, 2011
    yeah, i know how excited you are.... it only gets better and more fun, especially using recycle. Cant wait to see pics!

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