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Jul 28, 2009
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My Coop
Our coop was 6x8, with a 6x4 chicken porch on the end. I loved the porch, because it was a great place to keep the feeder dry if it rained. However, with 5 chicks in the brooder now, we needed to adjust for chicken math. So we enclosed the chicken porch, and knocked out half of an interior wall to expand to a 6x12 coop. The little 6x4 room has its own roost, so when it's time to integrate, if my big girls are mean, the little ones have their own roost area to retreat to
We got a huge (36x54" double hung, double paned window for $25 on CL!!). Once the 5 little ones are added (hopefully around 10-12 weeks of age), that will make 10 birds in this coop, which is plenty

Before - with chicken porch:

After - bye-bye chicken porch
(ignore the shutter thing - the sun rises on that side):

Before - wall where pop door WAS:

After - appx. 36 inch doorway where that wall was, and pop door moved...and separate little roost area:


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Feb 19, 2011
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good job. but don't count on the little area for the little chicks we did that and the big ones took over the small area for there favorite place to be.

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