Our coop

Jul 27, 2019
North Texas
there is really no point to this. I just thought I would share what our coop looks like!

We call that the big coop and the wooden thing. We started off with the wire coop (the big coop) and an Egloo (one of those things that if you what it is your like oh yeah, an Egloo! And if you don’t your like whatttt????) Then, when our girls got bigger we decided that the Egloo that fits “three to four medium sized chickens”(yeah right!) was too small! So it now buts up to an entrance that goes into the wooden thing. Then, we found this old trailer in the woods behind our house, and decided to put the coop on it! So there’s a wooden platform on top of the trailer with a little hatch with a locking door that goes underneath the trailer. The underneath is secure with hardware wire. The top has four cages meant to be for dogs to exercise in... yeah that sounds a little weird I know...and we put them all together and added a taller roof and covered it in a tarp. Inside the wire coop there is the Egloo and lots of perches and of course their feeder (a long pipe like thing that goes up and at the bottom there is a hole for them to eat out of) and their waterer (big bucket hanging up with little holes on the bottom with the drinking nipples in them that they peck at to get the water and a tray underneath it to catch excess water and then we also put ice water in it for them to stand in) and then we blocked off a section of it for the two pullets that have not been intergraded with the adults yet. They have they same type of feeder and your typical baby waterer. They sleep in a dog kennel at night. They too of course have lots of perches and a dustbath too. One of the pullets, Patty, tries to fly over the divider, so we have lots of extra stuff to block it off. And then there’s a bunch of stuff hanging up for shade, but the main thing is two big sun blocking curtains we hang up with clothes pins. They’re supposed to go on a little white track, but it doesn’t work... figures...lol! Well, that’s our coop!

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