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    this is an old story from last summer, but thought you might enjoy. we did find a home for our EE rooster.

    Our flock of 5 month old chickens includes 2 roosters and 5 non-laying pullets. The chicken’s hierarchy is rightly called the pecking order. Our red rooster was bold from the get-go, matured early, and has made his position as number 2 well known. He is only pecked by the benevolent female dictator of the flock. But his testosterone fueled enthusiasm for life even puts her to flight, or at least wears on her to the point that she avoids him. The rest of them are simply terrified. For this reason, and the fact that he crows approximately 372 times a day, we are looking for a home for him. We have become too attached to fry or fricassee the fine feathered fellow. He is quite tame, eats from our hand, and seems to like being picked up. He even courts us, and anything else that moves. While he is waiting to be adopted, hopefully by a flock of 50 spinster hens, his living quarters are in the greenhouse. This has not set well with him. He has always preferred to eat out of my hand; he can be standing in food but will wait for me to hand it to him. Since his ostracism he has refused to eat from my hand, and even flogged me once.

    Anyway, I was feeling bad for him, so I put up a temporary pin to let him run adjacent to the rest. Last night was the first time I had put him out there, and he seemed to enjoy it. when it came time for them to go to roost, around 8:50, we went out to lock them up and put Red back in the greenhouse. To our surprise he was no where to be found. Light soon gone, flashlights revealed nary a feather. We went to bed, didn’t sleep well, but there was nothing else to do. We couldn’t see him wandering off from the only home he knew, there were no loose feathers to suggest he had fallen prey, I imagined a neighbor who had had enough crowing and had simply picked him up.

    We both were up early, opening a few windows so we could listen for those first crows. When the other rooster broke into song, I went out to listen for Red’s response. After about 5 calls from George with no response, I turned and headed in, feeling pretty bad. As I opened the door I heard a crow that was unmistakably Red. A deep strained roar resembling the bellow of bull as much as the crow of a rooster. I stepped back outside to await the next to narrow my search. It came from the direction of the front of the house and had a particular rebound to it. I was standing in the front yard when the 5:45 AM wake up call came the third time. The overhang of my neighbor’s front porch afforded an amplifier of significant proportions. I found him setting in a very comfortable glider. He released his 4th version just prior to me picking him up. His 5th came as I carried him back to the greenhouse. I suspect the cars attracted him to the front. I can see him chasing cars in the night, strutting about amorously.
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    Love your story! [​IMG] That "was" one smart Roo you owned. Hope the home he found had lots of old henz for him to impress. [​IMG]

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