Our dear "Mo" (Rooster--New England Red) Attacked by dog--one leg not functioning

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    Nov 7, 2015
    Dear Friends,

    My son and I are distraught over the dog attack that killed one of our beloved hens and really violently shook up our Rooster, Mo. Mo was apparently grabbed in the back and shaken. I didn't see it but our neighbor who likely saved Mo's life saw some of it. The dog's bite did not puncture Mo's skin, and we took him immediately to our vet who checked for fractures and to diagnose. He administered a few shots to support recovery and probably to remove pain. This happened yesterday afternoon.

    Mo is unable to use his left leg....it is dragging. He has to hop to get anywhere. His right leg seems fine. He is a larger rooster and is using his wings to balance. I tried to feed him and water him today and so far he just seems fairly disinterested, although he is alert and interested in his hens. He has not crowed today at all.

    The shock of the attack surely really affected him. I'm wondering a couple things. Has this happened to anyone else, and how did it go? Did time help things? Should I be doing anything else other than what I've already done? I'm considering dropper feeding him if he doesn't seem to be getting water. Does he need to stay inside the house? He seemed calmer in his coop house last night, and it is warmed.

    Thank you so much for any tips and insights. We really love our Mo and its hard to see him seemingly suffering.
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    Welcome to BYC. Look for any signs of a broken bone in the leg, such as swelling, bruising, or misshapen bones. I would confine him to a dog crate with food and water, and leave him with his hens in the coop to recover for at least 2-3 weeks. He may have nerve damage, but hopefully the break or sprain will heal, and the feeling come back. A chicken sling might be good for him to get him off the ground to keep him cleaner, but place his food and water within reach. Vitamins and minerals in his feed or water may also help. I just had a neighbor dog attach my hen yesterday when she was outside our yard, and am treating her as well. Offer him some scrambled egg, tuna, or liver to coax him into starting to eat. Good luck.

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